BGSE Graduation Ceremony 2018

Jul 09, 2018 14:30 - 20:30 CEST
AXA Auditorium , Avinguda Diagonal, 547, 08029 Barcelona, Spain
705 people are attending (492 externals)
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*VERY IMPORTANT: Collecting access passes for your guests

Wristbands will be delivered to students on Tuesday June 26 and Thursday June 28 from 10:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 17:00 at Barcelona GSE Headquarters, Ciutadella Campus, Building 23, second floor. All Macro students that cannot make it to Ciutadella, please write to me to organize delivery.
Entrance Credential will be ONLY delivered to the registered student (you can later on pass it to another student).
Your guests have to wear the wristbands to enter the Auditorium. DO NOT LOSE THEM. Any guest not having a bracelet will not be allowed to enter the Auditorium.

The Graduation Ceremony 2018 will take place on Monday, July 9 at the AXA Auditorium in Barcelona (Access to the auditorium will be done via invitation).  

There will be TWO Graduation Ceremonies on the same day. The first one will be for the Master's degree in Specialized Economics Analysis and Data Science, while the Master's degree in Economics and Finance will be in the second ceremony. 

Graduation's agenda: 

14:30 - All Students are present for the Rehearsal and group pictures

15:45 - Guests of Competition, EPP, Macro, ITFD, Data Science students enter the venue

16:00 - Graduation Ceremony of Competition, EPP, Macro, ITFD and Data Science students will start

17:30 - Competition, EPP, Macro, ITFD and Data Science students and guests go to the reception

17:45 - Guests of Economics and Finance students enter the venue

18:00 - Graduation Ceremony in Economics and Finance students will start 

19:30 - Everybody is invited to the reception.

With this setup, all guests will have a seat in the main hall and you will have your relatives close to you during the ceremony.

Students of all programs are allowed to attend both ceremonies so that you can be with your friends if you wish. 

*Dress code: As some of you asked about it, you can find in this link pictures from last year graduation:


The alumni community is also invited to join the graduation ceremony but the number of seats available is very limited. If you are interested to participate, register as BGSE Alumni as soon as possible

Farewell Party Night:

The event will take place at the Sal Cafe on the same day of the graduation at 23:00h

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