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  • Community activities in Barcelona and around the world

    Dec 15, 2017

    The second half of 2017 has been a whirl of activity for alumni, students, and professors in the Barcelona GSE community! Here is a look at all the ways we've stayed connected during Fall and Winter 2017:

    In Barcelona:

    • Orientation picnic
    • Welcome Day at Bellaterra
    • Data Science community reception
    • Affiliated Professors "Trobada"
    • Botifarrada cookout
    • Urban ropes course "Bosc urbà"
    • Collserola mountain hike
    • Wine tasting
    • Company visit to Social Point 

    Worldwide, alumni get-togethers organized in:

    • Berlin, Germany
    • Brussels , Belgium
    • Cairo, Egypt 
    • Geneva, Switzerland
    • Paris, France 
    • Lima, Peru 
    • London, UK  
    • Madrid, Spain
    • Zurich, Switzerland

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